Sligo Saturday

Yesterday was a lovely day in Sligo. The shopping centres came to life with the sounds of choirs taking part in the Sligo International Choral Festival. As if that wasn't enough there were also lots of activities taking place as part of Craftfest Northwest. It was great to see the artists at work. We have... Continue Reading →

Craftfest Northwest

It's nice to see CraftFest Northwest taking place again in Sligo. It certainly brightens the town up. There are activities taking place tomorrow too and they are all free. As well as the colourful trees around the town there are also exhibitions in the Hawkswell theatre, the Hamilton Gallery, the Nazareth house and others. There... Continue Reading →

CraftFest Northwest

There are some lovely colourful scenes in Sligo town at the moment, all thanks to CraftFest Northwest. There are all kinds of craft events planned throughout the month. Even WB Yeats has got into the spirit of things with his lovely knitted clothes. The trees are in all their finery and it's certainly getting people... Continue Reading →

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