Christmas Cake

I made my first Christmas cake yesterday…so I’m very pleased with myself 🙂 At 43 years old it’s really about time I made one. My mum used to make us one and I used to ice it but over the last couple of years she has stopped making them…and shop bought ones aren’t the same.

The daft thing was though I bought ingredients before I read the recipe…so I didn’t have half the things I needed and I just adapted a recipe. I hope it tastes OK now though, we’ll have to wait until Christmas to find out.

The original recipe I found was on the Odlums site. I have also added it below with the changes I made in bold. I also realised I didn’t have any brown paper so I had to use a brown envelope to cover the cake…it worked just as well 😉 I think our oven is running hot because the cake only took just over an hour and a half to cook.

2 tsps cinnamon