Booksmart – a rant

Well I have a rant today. I'm an avid reader of everything and anything. Almost all of my books have only been read once. In the past I have left them into Booksmart in Ballymote, which has been great as I get credit for other books...mind you nine times out of ten I lose my... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Rocket!

Happy Birthday Rocket!, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's not actually his birthday but it's a year since we got him....time flies 🙂 I have to say well done to Lucy my deputy photographer for taking this photo 🙂 I have a couple of rants. Firstly with the library. I'm a keen reader and I... Continue Reading →

World Book Day

World Book Day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(slow internet). Today is World Book Day 🙂 I don't post much about books, but I should. I always have a book with me, so that when I'm waiting in hospitals or at the school I can get lost for a little while. I read everything and anything. Although... Continue Reading →

Sunshine and shadows

Sunshine and shadows, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. It was a busy day today. I realised that I hadn't got anything for Lucy going back to school, I know she doesn't go back until September but I like to be organised. So anyway we went into Sligo this morning but we didn't get much. It was... Continue Reading →

Hanging around

Hanging around, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Another day....more rain. So no painting today. We went to two car boot sales today....which is a miracle for Sligo. The first was in Collooney. I got some angel cards and a book about angels, which I've let mum look at first. There were some gorgeous puppies for sale... Continue Reading →

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