Ripples and Connections

I always find myself drawn to water, I find it so calming just looking at the movement of it, at the reflections, and wondering what creatures are underneath the surface. It’s like looking at abstract art; the way the light catches the water, and the movement of the trees reflected in it.

In the last few years, I’ve been looking at the ripples – they might be caused by a fish, or perhaps a bird looking for breakfast, maybe a falling leaf, or even raindrops. It made me think about life and people. People are like water. Some are calm and still, like a river, gently meandering and making those around them feel at peace.

Some people are like mammoth waves on the ocean, aggressive and frenzied, or powerful and angry, they can cause those around them to feel anxious.  The actions and words of people are like pebbles being thrown into a lake. Some make no difference at all, others cause huge ripples that have an impact on a wide area. Some people have the energy of powerful, tidal waves which roar into your life and you think they will have an impact, only to watch them disappear as quickly as they arrived.

Many people come into our lives, some make tiny ripples and disappear again, some stay around for longer and make a noticeable difference.

I don’t know about you, but I find that people appear when I least expect them, not always for good, but I do believe that most people have good in them – even if they don’t know it themselves. As I look at the ripples in the water, I see the circle expanding outwards, like the circle of connections. I don’t have a big circle of friends – I could count them on one hand, but I have a huge circle of connections, and that can be quite powerful at times.

Do you think you create ripples or waves?

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  1. Val, I guess it depends on how I am feeling that particular day. I know that like most people I can have either affect at any given time, that’s what makes us human. I just hope I have more calming affects then the other. This was dwfinately one of your better blogs Val, it made me stop and think and for that I thank you. Keep up the good fight , your friend from Ohio, Jack

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