Roscommon – A great town for shopping

Did you ever think you’d hear me talking about shopping? Me neither to be honest. If you read the blog regularly you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of shopping. I’d rather be out exploring or at home painting.

When I do go shopping I go early to avoid the crowds, get what I need to get and come home, there’s usually no browsing, I’m just not that kind of person.

On Saturday I took a spin to Roscommon to meet Lucy who lives there, and to have a mini shopping spree. I had to stop on the way to take some photos because the skies were stunning.

I was hoping to go to Iceland – the country not the shop – but of course the pandemic put a halt to that. So the shop was the next best thing. It’s a brilliant shop, so much choice and it was lovely and quiet. Also great to find some things that I used to buy when I lived in the UK too (like twiglets).

There’s also a massive Homesaver, Euro Giant, Dealz (including a clothes section), Tesco, Dunnes, and loads more. Check out Time Pieces too, it’s a really beautiful shop, a treasure trove of pretty things.

We had our breakfast in Rogue & Café, it’s a lovely place and the pancakes were fantastic. At this stage I’m in danger of turning into a pancake.

I also called to Molloy’s Bakery, since I added it to my Roscommon Gift Guide I wanted to call in. If you love cakes, this is a shop you won’t want to miss, and it’s not just cakes, they also have a fantastic deli, breads, etc.

Rummage is another fantastic shop in Roscommon town, it’s a fantastic antique shop and another treasure trove of a place. It’s just down the road from Roscommon Castle, so you can go for a wander there too.

I have to give a special mention for the fantastic crochet Christmas Tree made by the Transition Year students, teachers and volunteers from the Convent of Mercy. It’s absolutely gorgeous and really brightens up the town. Well done to all involved.

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