Focus on Artists – Valli Schafer

Valli Schafer is an artist based in Sligo. Her exhibition ‘Sea & Other Creatures’ is on in SG Art Shop, Carraroe, Sligo from Dec 1st – 24th). The show consists of recent pieces of work with a sea based theme celebrating sea creatures and the  human creatures that have taken to the sea in greater numbers since the lockdown began. All pieces are for sale and would make wonderful gifts for the water lovers in your life!  


For the last 4 decades I have been working as a creator, making everything from oversize props for advertising photoshoots and TV commercials, to ice-sculpting for  the Ice Hotel inside the Arctic Circle in Sweden.

I spent many years working around various European festivals and events as a pyrotechnician, creating spectacular night time shows!

After a lifetime of making hugely scaled up models, I’m loving the challenge of making smaller pieces of work from my studio in the hills of Co.Sligo.

I work with all sorts of materials from metal to polymers to ceramics, and I love to combine my work with the look and texture of driftwood that I collect in my kayak while out exploring the Wild Atlantic Ocean or the beautiful lakes around Ireland.

Like many other people around the coast, sea swimming became an important part of my daily routine during and after the lockdowns, and this show reflects that part of my life for the past 18 months.

I am open to commission requests.

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