The Irish Gift Guide – Book Edition

I love books and book shops. Reading for me is like going on a journey and not knowing the destination or the emotions I’ll feel along the way.  I’ve decided to write a post about some Irish book ideas, some I’ve read and some I like the sound of.  I’m also going to list some of the wonderful independent books shops we have here in Ireland who are selling online. Thanks to the good folks on twitter for their shop suggestions.

The Restaurant by Roisin Meaney. I read this book recently, it was just lovely. I described it as a hug in a book and I missed the characters when I finished it.

Grown Ups by Marian Keyes. This was a summer read for me and I love Marian’s books. She has a fantastic way with characters and weaving relationships between them.

Paddy Indian by Cauvery Madhavan. A lighthearted read about an Indian doctor who moves to Ireland.

The Irish Cottage by Marion McGarry. I read this in one sitting. A fascinating glimpse into Irish history and just so interesting. Marion has a new book coming out soon ‘Irish Customs and Rituals: How our ancestors celebrated life and the seasons’.

The Sleeper Lies by Andrea Mara. Another I read during the summer and a great bit of escapism. I love all of Andrea’s books and you can find out more here:

Havin’aLaugh – The Book. Shameless mention for this one. It’s published by the mental health charity that were so helpful to me. I also have a couple of written pieces in it and I took the cover photo too. It’s a lovely book of short stories, art and more and every cent goes back to the charity.

Breathe and Bloom by Bernie Curd. This is a self-help book of how Bernie journeyed through a complete change of career and followed her vision to find her own life purpose. It’s also a journal so you can make notes.

You, Me and Destiny by J.F. McLoughlin. I was sent this book a few weeks ago with the loveliest letter about my blog. I really enjoyed the book, the main character is dead but he had some things outstanding in his life – so what happens next? Well you have to read the book.

Get Up and Go Diaries and Journals. These are absolutely beautiful books and so much more than a diary, with colourful pages of inspirational messages.

United We Play by Faye Hayden. Every child requires the same things, a safe home, nutrition, love, respect, hope, to be included and valued. Sadly when children have a terminal disease , disability, sensory processing difficulties or are considered “different” in any way, they face far more challenges than the majority of society. Faye has written this book to raise funds for Join our Boys. You can read more about them and the book here:

Sonia Loves Happiness has The Happiness Colouring Book and also colouring postcards. You can find them here.

Karen Brown has a number of journals and notebooks, there’s something for everyone – and if you want to bring out your own book she’s the lady to talk to.

Lorna Sixsmith has some brilliant books out if you have an interest in farming (or even if you just want a lighthearted read). You can read more here:

Niamh Fitzpatrick – Tell Me The Truth About Loss. ‘A beautiful and hopeful book for when life isn’t what you expect it to be. In March 2017, Niamh’s life fell apart overnight. Her beloved sister Dara was killed in a helicopter crash. Soon afterwards, Niamh’s marriage disintegrated, and she feared she would lose the house she lived in beside her remaining family. Life as she knew it had ended and the cumulative loss was staggering in terms of impact.’

An Irish Nature Year by Jane Powers. ‘Call it a daily meditation on the world around us for nature-lovers and nature newbies alike, An Irish Nature Year gleefully explores the small mysteries of the seasons as they unfold.’

The Budget Book. Perfect for those who want to get their 2021 finances in order:

The Fairy Journal – by the Irish Budgeting Mammy – there’s also a pirate version too.

The Great Irish Farm Book. ‘Everything your child needs to know about Irish farms. From the farmer’s day to the changing of the seasons, from animals and crops to machinery and technology, and from ancient times to the modern day, The Great Irish Farm Book will take you on a fascinating journey through life on an Irish farm.’

The Great Irish Weather Book by Joanna Donnelly. ‘Here meteorologist Joanna Donnelly explains what weather is and how it happens. From cold fronts to climate change, satellites to storms, this book contains everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the weather.’

Irelandopedia by Fatti and John Burke. I love this book, it’s meant to be for kids I think but it’s great fun, featuring the 32 counties of Ireland and the things they are best known for.

GIY’s Michael Kelly and Dig in Diner’s Muireann Ní Chíobháin join forces with award-winning illustrator Fatti Burke to bring you a riotous, fully-illustrated kid’s almanac guide to growing and cooking food through the year.

That’s it for the books. I could have included 100 more but it would have turned into a book!


The Great Book Irish Bookshop List

So there are just some book ideas but now you need to know where to buy them. Here are some suggestions from the lovely folks on twitter.

The Book Nest:

Books at One:
Tertulia Books:
The Castle Bookshop:

Charlie Byrnes:
Clifden Bookshop:

The Reading Room:
Trinity Books:

Gutter Bookshop:
The Company of Books:
Tales for Tadpoles:
Winding Stair:
Alan Hanna’s:
Ulysses Rare Books:
Village Bookshop, Terenure:
Books Upstairs:
Raven Books:
The Library Project:

Banner Books:
Scéal Eile:

Quay Books:

Vibes and Scribes:

A Novel Idea, Ballyshannon:
Four Masters, Donegal Town:

Dingle Bookshop:

The Maynooth Bookshop:
Woodbine Books:
Barker and Jones:

Antonia’s Bookshop:

Roe River Books, Dundalk:

Ireland’s Smallest Bookshop:

Bridge Street Books:
Halfway up the Stairs (Children’s Bookshop):
Blessington Books:

Sheelagh na Gig:
Bookworm Bookstore:

Newsround Longford and Roscommon:

The Book Centre. Kilkenny, Naas, Waterford and Wexford:

Creywell Books, Wexford:

Northern Ireland
Bridge Books Dromore
Books, Paper, Scissors:

I’m sure there are a lot more bookshops but these were the ones recommended to me, so thank you to everyone who mention their favourite shops. Happy reading.



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