Lights, Camera, Airwaves

It’s been a great week, a bit of everything which is just how I like it. Firstly my radio show went out on Ballina Community Radio. I was really nervous about hearing myself back but I wasn’t as bad as I expected. I did talk too much and too fast but for a first attempt I thought I was grand.

The radio show was meant to be a one off but I loved it so much I’m going to do it again and Ballina Community Radio are happy to have me back too! Happy days! I’m very grateful to Edel and the station. If you haven’t heard the show you can listen back here.

Also this week the Sligo Credit Union video was launched. Back in May I was filmed, by the very talented Peter Martin, driving around Lough Gill. I think the advert is brilliant…the car looks great and the scenery is stunning.


Another highlight of the week was going to see Midnight Faeries at Glencar. This was a production by The Rabbit’s Riot Theatre Company and the Yeats Society Sligo. As soon as I saw it advertised I knew it would sell out so I bought my ticket right away.


Sometimes there’s a really special event and this was one of those moments. To see Glencar Waterfall lit up was a very special experience. The faeries performed The Stolen Child and we were guided on the walk by them. At the end of the performance a lone piper played beside the waterfall. From start to finish it was just something very special, so well done to all involved. You can see the rest of my photos here.

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