The Ten Year Challenge

Can you believe the blog is now ten years old! On a dark day in 2009 the blog was born. It was started as an online diary then people started reading it so what went from a few readers turned into hundreds of thousands of visits and views.

The blog has seen and blogged about the loss of my dad, family health issues, three house moves, two acquired dogs, getting a job, getting depression, getting better and lots of cake.

There have been thousands of photos, a fair bit of travel, adventures, mountains to climb, oceans to swim in, friends lost, friends gained, lots of events and two TV appearances.

The kids turned into adults and left school. Jono had a spinal fusion and is still suffering ill health. Lucy started college and graduated – decided she loved it and went on to do another course.

There have been ups and downs but usually always something positive to think about. The blog went from a diary to a tourist information point until Sligo Hub took over that side and it’s now back to a diary.

The mojo has been lost more times than I care to remember but the blog has always been there and so have many of my readers who have stuck with me and I now consider to be friends. So thank you for reading, for your comments and most importantly for your kindness. Here’s to another ten years.


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  1. Hello I just found your blog tonight. I’m planning on visiting Sligo in May. My forebears came out from Sligo in the 1850s to Australia (where I live) so I thought it was time to go and have a look at where I’m from. It looks like a very beautiful part of the world.

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