Sligo Sales Shopping

Sligo Cathedral

I dragged myself out of my little comfortable bubble that I have found myself living in for the last two weeks and went into Sligo with Jono and Lucy. I wanted to get a couple of bits in the sales – just socks and a nightgown (very rock and roll!) I had seen some lovely socks online from Accessorize which were £1.75 but the minute I put in my Irish address the price changed to €5.50. Now I know there is a bit of an exchange rate but that’s ridiculous.


It was a lovely bright day in Sligo with some low clouds. I was inspired by a photo I saw on Facebook (thanks Fiona) this morning to stop off and take a pic. So I went to Summerhill College and took the one at the top of the page. Anyway after looking around most of the shops I finally got socks in Tesco, I now have to grow about ten pairs of feet so I can wear them all at the same time. 😉

Beef Stroganoff

Lucy treated me to lunch in O’Connor Bros. It’s the first time we’ve had lunch in there and it was very nice.


Lucy and Jono had pizza. We’ve had some pretty bland pizzas in a couple of other Sligo premises but these were lovely and Jono liked that they did a barbeque pizza. We had a look around some of the other shops too but I’m not really a shopper and I start to flag the minute I set foot in Penneys.


Fiona and Brendan from Lollypotz gave me the fabulous gift above. It was so kind of them and I’m a huge fan of ferrero rocher …well all kinds of chocolate to be honest. The Lollypotz are a brilliant idea, all kinds of bouquets made from all kinds of chocolates, they can even custom make them for you and deliver all over Ireland. You can check them out here.

So that was my Saturday in Sligo – back to my little bubble again until the old routine starts again on Monday.


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