Shopping sprees and Shellac Nails

The OutletI won a fantastic prize on Facebook a couple of months ago. It was a €200 voucher for The Outlet, Sligo and Westend Beauty Clinic of course the minute I found out I’d won it I had Lucy planning what she was going to spend it on! If any of you know me in real life you’ll know that I never wear dresses although Lucy and I are going on a night out for her birthday in a few weeks and I can’t really turn up in jeans. As we were looking around The Outlet (and Lucy had chosen a lot of things) I spotted this dress.

IMG_2055I wasn’t sure about it although Lucy said it looked great but we wanted a second opinion so I put the pic on twitter and Facebook and everyone gave it a thumbs the dress is now mine. I just have to find some reinforced underwear now to hold everything in…and learn to walk in high heels, not the easiest thing to do with a damaged Achilles tendon. So if you happen to see me staggering through Sligo in a couple of weeks it’s not that I’m drunk, it’s just that I can’t walk in heels (well that’s my excuse!)

IMG_1625I was very impressed with The Outlet they had some beautiful clothes to suit all budgets and styles. Lucy got some trousers, a top and a jumpsuit and I’m sure she’ll do her own blog. I’m very happy with my dress. When I win the lotto (one day) I’d love to go to someone who would tell me exactly what would suit me and the kind of styles I should go for. I’m sure I’d dress up a lot more if I didn’t look like a bag of spuds.

Westend Beauty ClinicNext we went over to Westend Beauty Clinic to collect our voucher. Lucy is going on holiday this weekend so she wanted to get her nails done and picked a really lovely Shellac colour. Shellac is great because it lasts so long. I had mine done a couple of years ago in another local salon but I’m still a bit traumatised as the therapist made my nail bleed and it really bloody hurt so when I psyche myself up I’ll get them done again. I’d also love a facial and my eyebrows are in desperate need of attention, they look like deranged hedgehogs at the moment. I’m going to make an appointment soon to have myself pampered and I’m really looking forward to it.

Shellac nailsThanks so much to The Outlet and Westend Beauty Clinic for picking me as a winner! 🙂

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