Facebook Competitions – a word of warning

IMG_7847Some of you may know I entered a photo competition in the hope of winning a new camera…I’m sorry I’m even boring myself with my wish for a decent camera! This one seemed like an easy enough competition. The theme was St. Patrick’s Day and you had to get your friends to comment under your photo…the one with the most comments would win. The only problem was that it’s nothing to do with the quality of the photo it’s more like a popularity competition. It was run by a well-known company.

I was looking through some of the entrants and to be honest there were some rough photos entered. I was amazed by the amount of comments left on certain photos by people who weren’t friends with the person who entered the photo. On doing a bit of research I found that one entrant was on voting exchange groups, I didn’t even know these existed but there are loads of them out there! This one person was posting every few hours looking for votes.


To top it all I was checking my ‘others’ folder on Facebook and this appeared:

Fullscreen capture 24032014 195943Can you believe people are buying votes??! It’s just a big scam. Needless to say I got around 500 votes on my photo and some people got thousands for poor quality photos. I got in touch with the company running the competition last Wednesday and didn’t get a reply. A friend of mine also got in touch and the company did reply to her but said they weren’t going to change the way the competition was run.

So if any companies out there is reading this and thinking of running a most likes/comments competition just be aware that there are people buying votes and using voting exchange sites. Also if you are thinking of entering a competition like this it might be wise not to.




6 thoughts on “Facebook Competitions – a word of warning

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  1. This is an excellent photo, Val, and should be a winner. Sadly, I’ve heard that before about FB comps and you’re right, it’s about the no of votes you can garner, not the quality of your work. Really hope you get that camera soon.

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