Sligo Shops – Angelworld

p1090407Following on from my first Sligo Shop post last week which featured Michael Quirke. This weeks Sligo shop is Angelworld.


Angelworld is on Hyde Bridge in Sligo town. It really is a lovely shop with all kinds of beautiful gifts (not just angels). Marleen is the owner of Angelworld. She opened the shop on September 1st,2009. It was previously Sligo Crystal downstairs and there was an Angel shop upstairs and was run by Henry and Annette.

IMG_0531Marleen first came to Sligo in February, 2009. She fell in love with Sligo and called into Sligo Crystal and the Angel Shop and found herself saying to Annette that she’d love to buy the shop. She had no idea until she said it that she wanted to buy it. Marleen felt she was guided down this path. At that time Annette hadn’t even thought about selling for sure enough seven months later Marleen was the new owner. She moved to Sligo from Dublin and feels Sligo is a very spiritual place.

img_3842Marleen’s mother, Linda Skywalker, was interested in Angels and healing sadly she died when she was just 51 years old. Marleen was in a very bad place for two years after her mother died until she herself became interested in holistic therapy.

IMG_0481The room above the shop is called the Skywalker room after Marleen’s mother.

IMG_0524There is a lovely seated area at the back of the shop where you can have a tea or coffee and just relax. There are also regular readings, holistic treatments and events that take place in the shop. You can check out the Facebook page for more information.

IMG_0529The shop has some beautiful items for sale, it’s well worth a look. My thanks to Marleen for taking the time to chat with me.


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