Bloggers Book Club – How To Be A Woman

The January book from the Bloggers Book Club was ‘How to be a woman’ by Caitlin Moran. Firstly I failed with this book. When I first started reading it I thought I was going to really enjoy it. I smiled at the 13-year-old, 13 stone Caitlin dressed in her boyish clothes running around the park with her dog. When she came home to her packed family home to her birthday cake which was really a baguette filled with philadelphia and with 7 candles on top.

It went all down hill from there. The book didn’t know if it was a self-help guide, an autobiography or a personal hygiene guide. I really didn’t want to know the ins and outs of her transition into womanhood. Or about her waxing dilemmas. Or about the various other adventures she had with her body.

Maybe I’m a prude….but it really wasn’t my kind of book. You can check out Lorna’s blog here.


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  1. Well, I felt a bit of a prude too – I just didn’t find all that entertaining nor amusing either. I stuck with it and some chapters improved! I’d be happy enough reading that kind of thing in a short column but not 300 pages of it!

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