Under the rainbow – Mary O’Sullivan

Sorry about the small photo. I forgot it was the day for the book club post, so I didn’t take a photo of the book.

Anyway I have to say I quite enjoyed this book. It’s based on three friends who have secrets, well two of them have anyway. As the book goes on you find out more about them.

The main character Adele annoyed me a bit. Firstly she discovered her boyfriend having an affair so just dropped her job and everything and ran back home to Mammy. She was meant to be 30 years old and I felt she should have been more mature then she was.

Jodi one of the other main character’s also left her job and ran back home. Although her reasons for doing so are very different to Adele’s.

Carla’s story is very sad. I won’t tell you too much about the story incase you want to read the book.

It was an easy read, typical poolbeg but to be honest that’s what I like. I struggled so much with the book club books that this was a breath of fresh air.

You can check out the other members reviews at Lily’s blog.

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  1. I haven’t had much time to read lately. I’ve just started the Big Book of Hope which I’m enjoying.

    I read ‘Under the Rainbow’ a while back and, yes, the main character annoyed me a bit too, mainly because she forgave everyone for everything so easily. Jodi walked all over her, made an absolute idiot out of her, but everytime she did something Adele gave her a hug.

    I thought the results of the DNA test came back very quickly too. A week was it?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the book Val, its nice to read a different review. I do agree with you about Adele’s immaturity – hope its not reflective of all primary school teachers!

  3. Val, I agree with you that Adele was immature. Her constant going to bed hugging her teddy bear, when things got rough really annoyed me. That seemed to be her way of dealing with life’s bumps! For 3 year olds? Yes. 30 year olds … 🙂

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