Sweet Charity


Last night we went to see Sweet Charity performed by the Sligo Musical Society at the Hawk’s Well Theatre. It was a very good show, with a great cast and brilliant songs.


I especially liked ‘Rhythm of Life’. It was fantasic….well done Dave Flynn and cast!


It was quite a long show though at almost 3 hours including the break…my bum was starting to go slightly numb. We were in the second row so almost on top of the orchestra which was grand apart from two of the musicians erasing marks they’d made on the sheet music during the show, it was a bit distracting. I’ll remember next time to sit further back.


I do love going to the theatre though, it feels like a ‘proper’ night out. I’m getting quite into musical theatre too. If I lived in Sligo town I’d try to join one of the companies for the craic ;) The rest of my photos are here.

Jesus Christ Superstar, burgers and the basin

Dublin at Dusk

That’s possibly one of the longest blog titles I’ve ever used! Last week we went to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin. I saw the Sligo Fun Company perform this show 6 times…so you could say I’m slightly obsessed. To be honest though I was disappointed – the sound in the first half was just too quiet. I could hear people whispering and the girl two seats down didn’t stop eating and rustling papers the whole way through it!

Bord Gais Theatre

Jesus and Mary seemed to be singing very quietly and they were just too ‘clean’ looking. To be honest they reminded me of a shampoo advert! Judas was great, as was Peter. Herod was amusing, not sure about the tassels on his nipples…I’m glad I wasn’t in the front row when he was shaking them – I might have got a tassel in my eye! Judas died too quickly and Jesus died too slowly (if you’ve seen the musical you might know what I’m talking about). There were no moments when the hair stood up on the back of my neck. Rhydian was brilliant as Pontius Pilate and we were delighted to meet him after the show.


We stayed overnight in Dublin in an apartment at the Amberly Guesthouse which was really good for the price. It had two bedrooms and a fully equipped kitchen. I’d definitely stay there again…and we got a free bottle of wine for booking on their website.

Bobos burgers

We had lunch at Bobo’s burgers which was underwhelming. It’s €10 for a burger (thankfully Lucy had vouchers). My burger had a soggy bottom (sounds a bit like me!) and didn’t have much flavour. The dessert was nice though :)

Banana Split

I got a chance to do a bit of exploring. I was asking on twitter for places to see and got a whole list of suggestions so I’ll have plenty to look at next time I go up. As it was a nice dry day I headed to the Blessington Basin, as suggested by Eyeblinks on twitter. It’s like a secret garden in the middle of the city.

The basin

Such a pretty place. I’d never heard about it before, it’s well worth checking out.


I also got a chance to take some night shots of the city which I really enjoyed doing. I didn’t have a tripod so I had to lean on the bridge but I think it works.

Dublin rush hour

River Liffey

So that was our brief Dublin visit.  Lucy’s blog about Dublin is here. You can see the rest of my photos here.


Little Shop of Horrors

IMG_6259Last night I went to the Hawk’s Well Theatre in Sligo to see the Fun Company perform Little Shop of Horrors.


I must have been living under a rock because I’ve never seen the Little Shop of Horrors before but I loved every minute of it!


The fun company put on such a great show. From the lighting to the sound, to the set, to the live band, costumes, make up and of course the fantastic performances. It really is a night not to be missed.

IMG_6515You can catch the show tonight and tomorrow at the Hawk’s Well Theatre…if I wasn’t going away I’d go and see it again. I saw the Fun Company perform Jesus Christ Superstar six times last year! We went to the see the West End production of it at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin on Wednesday and the fun company did a much, much better version of it….but more of that in another blog :)


The rest of my photos from the show are here.

Calamity Jane by the Sligo Musical Society

IMG_5245Last night I went along to the Hawk’s Well Theatre in Sligo to see Calamity Jane performed by the Sligo Musical Society. I love the film so was intrigued to see the stage show.

IMG_5201It really was a great production. From the singing and dancing to the costumes and stage set. It’s also suitable for all ages so would be a great show to bring kids to see.

IMG_5818As always I took way too many photos which you can look at here.

IMG_5487You can book tickets from the Hawk’s Well Theatre here.

Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds – the final arena tour

Jason Donovan

Following a triumphant UK and European arena tour in 2012, Live Nation and SJM Concerts, are delighted to announce that one of the most ground-breaking tours of all time, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds is to return for the sixth and final time in 2014.  It’s a real shame it’s the last tour. I’ve been to see three different tours and loved each one (apart from Marti Pellow’s performance last year, as I thought he was rubbish). I’m not sure what to think about Brian McFadden, after hearing Gary Barlow singing that part on the album it’s a shame it’s not going to be him. Of course there are always people who think the part only belongs to Justin Hayward and after seeing Marti murder it I’m inclined to agree but I’m hoping to go to the Dublin show next year and see what I think.


The show will again feature Jeff Wayne returning to the Podium to conduct the 9-piece Black Smoke Band and 36-piece ULLAdubULLA Strings with the final two musical Guest Artistes to be announced.

Liam Neeson’s 3D holographic performance as The Journalist will also return but with enhanced technology.


The Sung Thoughts of The Journalist will be performed by Brian McFadden, Jason Donovan is reprising his hugely popular role as Parson Nathaniel and Carrie Hope Fletcher featuring as Beth, Parson Nathaniel’s Wife, direct from her current and widely acclaimed West End performance in Les Miserables, as Eponine. There are still some cast members to be announced so I’m interested to know who they will be.