Flash mob tomorrow!

One Billion RisingJoin us for the flash mob on Thursday 14th February, 12.45 Quay Side Shopping Centre and 1.15 Johnston Court Shopping Centre, Sligo. There will be music, dancing and cakes from the lovely people at Beltra Country Market who organised the flash mob.

and later for a night of dancing, moving and drumming at Northside Resource Centre, Forthill, Sligo 6pm – 9.30pm

Flash Mob

Flash MobLast night I got dragged along persuaded to go to Beltra Hall for a Flash Mob rehearsal by my friend. I went along for the craic and to see what it was all about. It is for a very good cause ‘One Billion Rising’. We intend to perform our dance on the 14th February,during the day somewhere in Sligo town. It would be great to get a few more dancers….all welcome. The next rehearsal is in Beltra at 8pm Monday so do come along, it really was great fun and I can’t wait for the next one. It would be great to get someone to film on the 14th and also to take photos….I would but I can’t dance and film!

There is also an event on the evening of the 14th, the details are below:

One Billion RisingI think I was dancing in my sleep last night judging by my aching legs this morning. I really did enjoy it though and can’t wait for the next rehearsal. It’s a long time since I danced in public though. Here is a photo from one of the last times I did.


Cairde Parkfest

Today the Cairde Festival  had ‘parkfest’. It was held in the Peace Park in Sligo and there were all kinds of music and dancing.

Some lovely cakes as well. All reasonably priced as well, which is great :) We enjoyed having a look around, although we weren’t there for very long.

There are some more pics here. Also a short bit of video:


Last night we went to see Riverdance at the Royal theatre in Castlebar. We’ve never seen the live show before although we have the original video which the kids used to watch all the time when they were little.

We got there early so got our seats. It was a shame that not everyone got their on time. As there were people coming in during the performance and disturbing others. There was a fella sitting near us who seemed to think he was in the show. He was buck-lepping all over the place, every time he moved the whole row of seats moved as well.

The show was good. Although I really feel there was something missing. To me it was like a ‘watered down’ version. There were only four musicians yet we could hear a full orchestra. Only one of the singers had a radio mic on so the others must have been miming. I know they couldn’t have a full orchestra due to the size of the stage but you would think the singers would sing otherwise you may as well just watch the dvd.

The dancers were good. Especially the street tap dancers, they put so much effort and energy into their perfomance. The drummer was brilliant, he was flying about all over the place like the drummer from The Muppets!

The lead dancers were fine but it just seemed to lack spark. Dare I say it I miss Michael Flatley.

I know we are probably in the minority as I heard lots of people raving about the show afterwards. Although some people said nothing.

Would I go and see it again? No I wouldn’t. I feel like it’s run it’s course.

There was no filming or photos allowed so here’s a bit of video from youtube. These weren’t the dancers that we saw.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, 2010

Green, white and orange, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well as you know today was St. Patrick’s Day. I took my mum and Jono into Sligo town for the parade.

Luckily the weather was in our favour and although it was overcast it didn’t rain.

There were lots of bands including one from Oldham in the UK. Also several bands from Northern Ireland: Enniskillen, Strabane and Tyrone.

Alice in Wonderland seemed to be the main theme of the day with floats from Abbott and O’Hehirs. I really enjoyed Youth Reach who were all dressed as Michael Jackson or characters out of Thriller and were dancing around the place.

Sligo Mountain Rescue were great too. They were busy trying to rescue the Celtic tiger, sadly I think they are too late.

It was lovely to see so many people in Sligo town and there was a great atmosphere as well.

There is a short bit of video here, it’s not great quality but it’ll give you an idea.

There are also more photo’s.<br />

The only downside for me was the amount of cars, buses and trucks that just drive in the parade and are only advertising. If I wanted to buy a new car I would go to the maindealer, not look at cars in a parade……rant over ;)

Pantomime time

Sleeping Beauty, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Jono was given tickets for the Sligo pantomime which is performed by the Coolera Dramatic society and takes place in the Hawks Well theatre.

This is the 3rd year we have seen the pantomime. This years one was Sleeping Beauty. The actors are very good and there is lots of singing and dancing. Also some jokes about Mary Harney and the gang which made Jono laugh.

The star of the show for me was Dame Goodbody. Who was a typical pantomime dame (as in a man dressed as a woman!) We especially liked his Pokemon dress and also his version of Queens ‘Don’t stop me now’……especially the pink inflatable guitar.

It was a great night out although it’s on for roughly two and a half hours which I think is a long time especially for little ones, there were quite a lot of tears at the end due to tiredness. Also at 17 euro each ticket (adults and children) I think it’s very expensive. We were lucky to be given our tickets.