7 comments on “Sligo Shops – M. Cosgrove and Son Delicatessen

  1. Absolutely agree with every word of praise you wrote about this brilliant, wonderful shop, Val. I don’t get to Sligo town as much as I’d like to, but if I lived closer….ohhhh…..Cosgrove’s would be a daily shopping experience for me, without a doubt. Everything and anything a foodie could ever ask for is in this shop. I love it. I love the fact that there are even shops like this still in existence…a ‘real’ shop, with REAL food…and good food…delicious food…And the displays and the shelving…and the deli counter…mmmmm…..I think I will stop over there tomorrow on our way back from Rathcormac (and possibly have a bite to eat in one of our two favourite pubs in Sligo – Hargadon’s).

    And yes, I agree completely about the very friendly and genuine help you get whenever you walk into Cosgrove’s. Helpful and very welcoming, no matter what you’re looking for, both Michael and Pauline are both lovely and friendly and – there’s that word again – real. It’s the closest thing to a wonderful general store or mercantile from times gone by. Long may this shop continue to be here for us. Thank you, Mr. Cosgrove Sr., for opening up such a wonderful (how many times have I used that word in this reply so far?) shop back in 1898.

    And thank you, Val, for the wonderful photos and a great blog post about a true delight and precious gem of a shop.

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