Winter in Sligo

We had Winter for a day on Sunday….well a few hours actually until the rain set in (again). I’m not a fan of Winter but it does make for nice photos.

I see this house every day when I’m walking Rocket-dog. I always think it looks like Father Ted’s house, I can almost hear Mrs. Doyle ‘go wan, go wan, go wan’.


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About magnumlady

I like taking photo's, going to concerts and listening to music.

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  1. Your photographs are exquisite. I seldom use that word, but your close-up photos warrant it.

  2. This nice photos alone are worth somemore winter’s days.

  3. Winter is the best for photography and you show this perfectly :-)

  4. Envy your icy weather and beautiful photos Val! Am hoping for a bit of frost tomorrow! Love that last one especially, magical….

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