April Showers Flower, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well it’s been a really lousy day. So bad that each time I’ve taken the dog for a walk he’s looked at me like I’m mad.

It appears that our village has arrived into the 21st century. Andy did a line check on our phone for broadband and bugger me it said it was suitable. I spent the afternoon talking to the nice people at UTV and they are hopefully going to sort it out for us so watch this space :)

I was looking at my site stats on Flickr and you can see how people find your page. Someone had typed in ‘my name Facebook new house Sligo’! I seem to now have my own stalker! It makes a change from the person that found my blog by typing in ‘gay toilet in Sligo’.

Just for the record I don’t have a new house (or any money), I also don’t know if there is a gay toilet in Sligo ;)