The Friday Photo challenge

I read this blog:  its great, have a look :D and a challenge has been set to publish an old photo so here’s mine:


I’m the one in the dress (in case you are wondering ;) ) So not only am I human I am also dancer. This was taken when I was about 12, my partner was called Adam. We used to take part in dancing competitions all over the UK and Ireland. We did Old Time and Modern Sequence dancing ( sort of similar to ballroom) and won a good few competitions. Sadly I had to give it up (family problems), but I danced for about 6 years.

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About magnumlady

I like taking photo's, going to concerts and listening to music.

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  1. Love it!!!! But you’ve not a hope of me putting any up, even though I have tons of them

  2. OMG look at you!!! You’re so gorgeous! Mind you, he looks vaguely terrified. What one earth did you threaten him with?!! Thanks for doing this, it’s fab xxx

  3. val- this is a fabulous photo of you, it’s really beautiful!

  4. wow, you look great! The Killers already sang about you I guess, LOL

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